2020 Hurricane Preparations



Written by: Lauren Hill

As others are buying toilet paper and face masks, maybe you should be reaching for water, flashlights, and handheld radios.

The 2020 hurricane season is less than a month away, and with forecasters predicting an aggressive one, you need to be prepared. State officials are focusing equally on preparations for hurricane season and the ongoing threat of the coronavirus.

Governor Ron DeSantis spoke briefly about the impact of the coronavirus on preparation for hurricane season: We have to assume that it is going to be with us in some capacity, so how do you deal with hurricane issues we have been talking with FEMA on it we’ve got some great ideas and so that is all going to have to go into effect.

You should make it a point to stock up on the essentials such as water, non-perishable food, and a first aid kit before hurricane season arrives.

While on your weekly trip to the supermarket, whether it be to get away from your family or to stock up on your toilet paper, make sure you pick up some hurricane essentials.

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