The Pros and Cons of Lacrosse


Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash


The pros and cons 

By Jenna Wieners

IDM Lacrosse has some of the best rankings in the world! They were in Top-10 National rankings in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Imagine having YOUR name across an article. You can achieve so much with lacrosse being your sport.

Lacrosse is a sport in which you can be a mid-fielder, defense, attack or of course…goalie!


Lacrosse is not as widely known as many other sports such as football and basketball. Yet, it is a very supportive team sport, what that means is that team members are very caring to each other. This is a great reason to support Lacrosse in your school district. One example is before and after every game all team members go up to the goalie and lightly tap their helmet as a sign of good luck and good job.

Another reason is that Lacrosse is not “made” for any height, meaning tall and short people can play this sport. To clarify, it’s not like in basketball where you need to be tall in order to make a hoop or in gymnastics where you must be small for it to be easy to tumble; in Lacrosse it doesn’t matter the height.   


On the other hand, Lacrosse can be a very dangerous sport. Until a high school level, girls are only required to wear goggles in which only your eyes are covered. Because of this, your cranium is completely exposed, so if you take a shot to the head, there is a likely chance you will be affected by a concussion. Another danger of Lacrosse is that the cleats are very unstable and could easily cause you to roll your ankle. Because of this you can get minor injuries. And, if your ankle recovery does not completely heal, it could lead to to more major injuries and could even cause full removal of all sports to play. (for you) 

All in all, Lacrosse is a very rewarding sport and SHOULD be included in middle school as a sport. Its worth it because concussions are not very common, and Lacrosse is very inclusive and you only need to sign up and have fun!