What’s New For Apple in 2020



September 15th – an exciting day for Apple consumers. Right on target, Apple introduced some of the new products that they will be releasing in 2020 – this consists of two new Apple watches; two new Apple iPads; a new Apple fitness experience, called Fitness+, a new bundle of apps called AppleOne, and the newest software update, iOS 14. But, where is the new iPhone 12 that everyone has been wondering about?

Many Apple fans noticed there seemed to be no talk of the new smartphone in the Apple event, which was streamed live on September 15th, at 1pm ET. According to CNBC and other sources, the iPhone 12 was delayed in production because of COVID-19, so Apple expects to release the phone in about three weeks time. The iPhone 12 is rumored to have new 5G capabilities, which is very exciting to many Apple consumers.

Now that we know about the new iPhone, let’s talk about what they did discuss during the Apple event.

Apple Watches

First, Apple is planning to release two new Apple Watches – The Series 6 and the SE. You may be wondering why Apple is releasing two new watches – why not just one? The reason is that the two watches are focused on different aspects for helping people. The S6 is focused more on health and fitness, such as a new blood oxygen monitor and shows data on research teams studying heart failure, asthma, and even COVID-19. It also has new software updates that make it easier for families to use together.

The SE is similar to the S6, but it focuses more on outdoor concepts. It is also made to be more affordable, so it is not as fancy as the S6, but it is more accessible. The S6 starts at $399 and the SE starts at $279.

Apple iPads

Second, two new iPads are being released. Apple is going to put out a new version of iPad – the 8th generation, and a new iPad Air.

Though it looks similar to the old model, the 8th Generation iPad is 40% faster, with a new CPU (Central Processing Unit) in its hardware. The new iPad also supports the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, which can be helpful to many users. The way the new iPad supports these technologies is through iPadOS 14, where it acts like a mac and lets you use the keyboard, or you can write and draw with the pencil.

The iPad Air has the same 10.9 inch display, but with many different features. At the bottom, there is a spot for TouchID, which has been very useful to Apple users. The new iPad Air has a 30% increase on performance levels in the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and a 40% increase in performance in the CPU. A major feature in the new Air is the camera. iDrop News says “the iPad Air is a dream for those who want an iPad to edit and watch multimedia.” So if you are an aspiring video and news editor, or maybe just a YouTube addict, the Air may be the better option for you.

Looking for a new iPad? The 8th Generation is being sold for $329.  If you are a little more patient, the iPad Air will sell for $599 and comes in 5 colors, but will not be on sale until October 2020.

Software and App Additions

Next, Apple has made some new software updates. They are going to be releasing a package called AppleOne, which combines 6 popular Apple apps and puts them into 1 subscription that you can purchase. The Individual plan ($14.95/month) includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and 50 GB (Gigabytes) of Storage on iCloud. The Family Plan ($19.95/month) is similar, but holds 200 GB of iCloud Storage instead. And last, the Premier Plan ($29.95/month) includes, Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News+, Apple Fitness+ (something new), and 2 TB (Terabytes) of storage on iCloud. Pretty exciting, right?

A new app being released is Apple Fitness+, which is included in the Premier plan, mentioned above. Fitness+ is a new fitness app that helps with working out. It can be bought in the AppleOne Premier package, or separately for $9.99/month or $79/year. Fitness+, much like Apple Music, can be shared across family devices.

Finally, Apple’s newest software update, iOS 14, dropped for Apple devices on September 16th. The new biggest feature is widgets, which can drastically improve the use of your home screen on your iPhone.

Many of these products will begin to release Friday, September 18th, including the new Apple watches and the 8th generation iPad – so be on the lookout for their release! As for the more patient consumers, watch for the iPhone 12 and iPad Air in October 2020. So many of these new Apple products look like they will be great improvements to our world. So, do you think you will be the next purchaser of an exciting new piece of technology?




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