Mrs. Rosario: Finalist for District Award

Mrs. Rosario with her son Miguel.

Mrs. Rosario with her son Miguel.


By Lauren Hill and Bella Dietz 

Mrs. Rosario, finalist for the Instructional Support Employee of the 2019-2020 school year, has been nominated for her personal support of Farnell and the district school system. 

Those who are nominated for this district-wide award demonstrate “outstanding education support for the significant contributions made to their schools and district school systems. The program honors one state representative and four finalists” (Florida Department of Education). Mrs. Shirley Rosario is one of these finalists. 

Mrs. Rosario has been working at Farnell since 2004. In all her years she has worked diligently to fill the principal’s secretary position and so much more. In the nomination letter to the committee who chooses the winner, Dr. Tim Binder wrote, “she does the principles secretary job and so much more.” In addition, he says “In my 25 years as an educator, I have never encountered a finer specimen of a human being than Mrs. Rosario.”  

 Support Employees for the school system work for low pay and low recognition. Mrs. Rosario deserves so much more recognition than she receives. She is a role model to all around the campus. A seventh-grade student says, “Mrs. Rosario is a hardworking person who plays a vital role in ensuring that the school runs smoothly.”  

The award ceremony took place on Thursday, January 23, 2020. Although Mrs. Rosario did not win as a finalist it is the first year that she has been nominated for the district level. We are all very proud of her accomplishments.