Tom Brady has People Wondering “How far will the Buccaneers go?”




By Tristan W. and Eli B.

The Tampa Buccaneers beat the Denver Broncos 28 to 10 on Sunday, in Denver, Colorado. The Bucs are all the rage this year. The big offseason signing of Tom Brady has people very optimistic about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We interviewed two Bucs fans that gave opinions on how they see this season turning out, and some of our own insight.

Season– The Bucs are 2-1 to start the season. They lost their opener against the New Orleans Saints 34-23. The Bucs bounced back against the Carolina Panthers, and the Denver Broncos. This upcoming weekend, they are set for a matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers at their home, Raymond James Stadium. Many analysts and fans around the league have predicted the Buccaneers to potentially make a run to Super Bowl LV (55). “With the help of bringing in Tom Brady, the Bucs find themselves with the fifth-best Super Bowl odds, according to FanDuel.”

Additions– Obviously the massive addition of Tom Brady has been the center of attention for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this offseason, however, the acquisition of tight end Rob Gronkowski, and running back Leonard Fournette can not be understated.  Fournette has already scored two touchdowns with the Bucs this season, and has had a 100 yard rushing game. Gronkowski, has been off to a slow start so far, racking up less than 10 receptions.

Tom Brady- TB12 has caused some concern for the Buccaneers, but he has proven people wrong by having a strong outing against the Broncos. Buccaneers fan Trent W. stated “I think of course that Brady has a lot of positive effects on the Bucs. Not just the players but the organization. He obviously brings an unprecedented winning history and there is a lot of reasons why that can rub off on the players and other people in the organization.” On the other hand, Buccaneers fan Sean C. said “Brady needs to calm down with his interceptions. It’s not like he is a rookie, he is a hall of famer.” People definitely have many different views on Tom Brady, some positive, some negative.

Coaching– Returning head coach Bruce Arians has done a terrific job with the Buccaneers so far. It has definitely been an adjustment for him with different quarterback gameplays. He has had to transition from Jameis Winston to Tom Brady, who have two very different styles of play. Winston being mobile and a scrambler to Tom Brady who is not much of a scrambler, and definitely a pass-first quarterback. Also, defensive coordinator, Todd Bowles has done a very solid job with his new defense. Last week against the Broncos, the defense allowed a mere 10 points. On the flip side, the offensive coordinator, Byron Leftwich, has put together a well balanced offense. Sean C. also said that Bruce Arians is a very experienced coach. About Todd Bowles, he said “He is a not a good head coach, but a very good defensive coordinator.”

Strengths and Weaknesses– When asked about how far the Bucs would go this year, Trent W. said “I think the Bucs have the potential to make it to the Super Bowl, as much as any other team from the NFC.” However, he stated that “Just from their first couple of games, what I see is that they need to sure up their offensive line responsibilities.” The Buccaneers have the talent at wide receiver with two Pro-bowlers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. If Tom Brady can get the ball out of his hands, and get it to these playmakers, the sky is the limit. Another quote from Sean C., stated “The strong point is definitely the passing offense. If Brady can get 300 passing yards with new receivers and a new system, that just goes to show.” The passing game has looked strong so far and success has followed.

Upcoming Schedule- The Buccaneers have to face two 3-0 teams in the next two weeks, with matchups set against Nick Foles and the Bears, then hall of fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. These will not be gimme’s for the Bucs.