The Game Taking The Internet By Storm

The Game Taking The Internet By Storm


Among Us title screen

Among Us an 100 IQ game

In the gaming world, we started last month with the addictive fast pace game of fall guys, but with September brought a game that swept internet platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. Among Us, the murder mystery type game with an interesting space style.

What’s been going on?

At the beginning the game splits the teams into imposters and crewmates

First released in 2018 by Inner Sloth LLC, the creators of the stickman games, it was not known on the app store. But when one big streamer on Twitch began playing the strange space game, the rest followed. Currently you might see “Among Us 300 IQ” on your Youtube recommendation. Even larger gaming channels are jumping on this train. Currently on Twitch the game gains over 120 thousand followers out weighing big games like COD or Fortnite.

The Gameplay

But why is Among Us so addictive? What is gameplay like in this game? This game follows the form of a whodunnit but space. You’re set on a spaceship as this little cartoony spaceman. You have to do tasks but at the same time find the imposter disguised as one of the spaceman. But the imposter has to sabotage the spaceship or wipeout the crew before they find who it is through the meetings. The game is based online with a chat feature so its easier to find the odd one out.