A Different Type of Mask for Halloween



By Harris P.

Halloween is approaching quicker than a ghost running through a cemetery, and there may be many questions that haven’t been answered that you have because of COVID-19. Do I have to wear a mask? Are people passing out candy? Is there trick-or-treating at all? Well your in luck, because I’m here to answer all your questions! 

So what’s this actually about? 

 I’ve gone ahead and asked a few people what their views and stances are on Halloween, and what they will be doing on the spooky Saturday evening. Some had mixed opinions, and some opinions shared were even similar to each-other. Let me introduce you to Daion and Cade, who are 7th graders that will be going trick-or-treating this year. 

What will they be doing this year? 

 They both won’t be wearing masks this year: “I don’t believe that masks will be effective during Halloween, and they will just become annoying while your eating candy and running around,” said Cade. Daion said an almost similar opinion: “Masks will just become annoying, and we will just take them off sooner than later.” With that view on masks, some are worried that people might not be passing out candy, or putting take one bowls that will run out before the day even turns night. “I know people will be passing out candy where I’m trick or treating, but there is probably not as much people as last year because of coronavirus,” Daion said. “Most of my neighborhood will be passing out candy, but of course there will be the few that will choose not to, and I’m fine with that. If I have fun that’s ok,” said Cade. 

“All in all…” 

 Hopefully Halloween can be as close to normal as this year can get, but there’s definitely no “same as last year” in 2020. Cade will end up at a Halloween party hosted by his friend, and Daion said he will probably end up either at home or at a party, like Cade. They both hope, and so do I, that this Halloween can be enjoyed, at least with a little normal. COVID might have stopped many things but trick-or-treating is not one of them, at least for Cade and Daion.