Budget Cuts: The Effects On Teachers



Tampa FL

by Aidan & Emily Barnett

Recently in Hillsborough County the school board has taken even more budget cuts, but how does it effects teachers?

During these Budget cuts teachers have been getting laid-off or transferred because of this issue. This is not only impacting the teacher but also there family. Not having a job means no income with some teachers having family’s it may be hard to provide for the kids or family with food on the table. This is not just an issue now but has been and issue for a while. According to Fox 13 News Hillsborough county is facing a $72-million budget deficit and possibly 670 teaching jobs lost. During these budget cuts that started in September there have been protest according to Fox 13 News outside the school board meeting with dozens of parents protesting the school actions.

But one the good side  Gov. Ron DeSantis  announced to  increase salaries and distribute $500 million to public school teachers across the state. But the biggest controversy is, is this enough? Some teachers are grateful for this, but others feel it’s nothing more than a penny.

Another major thing impacted by these budgets cuts are electives. Across several schools electives have been cut including here at Farnell. At Farnell the Algebra Support elective was cut because it was not a “required ejective.” Parents and students have feared for there lectures being cut, but according to WTSP schools promise they will not cut any electives. However, teachers have been relocated or cut by the hundreds.

Amid these budget cuts parents, teacher, and students hope for a good outcome.