The new iPhone 12 and its features



What is the iPhone 12? How is it different from the other phones? These are the questions I will answer today and more.

Lindsay Baracz talking about the new iPhone 12 and some of its most amazing features. At home because the brand new iPhone 12 pro has just come our recently.

The newest phone released by Apple is the iPhone 12 pro. This phone has a new feature of using a charger on the back of the phone instead of plugging it in, it just sits on a charger that charges it using magnets in the back. This new feature is called MagSafe.

According to an interview with Apple, there are in fact some new camera updates added to this phone. “First of all we have an all new camera system powered by that A14 bionic.” This new camera system will make this camera quality better for photos and videos. The detail of your photos will be more distinct with this new phone.

Are you clumsy? Is your phone screen shattered? Apple actually updated the screen and the outside of the phone’s material. This new material for the screen of your phone is called ceramic shield. This new material isn’t even glass! Your screen now has nanao-ceramic crystals infused into it. This makes the screen insanely strong. How cool is that!

Don’t like the boring old iPhone colors? Don’t worry! These new iPhones come in many new colors including silver, graphite, gold and Pacific Blue.

Another thing Apple is including, a brand new feature of 5G. “This will help with faster downloads and faster uploads.” From an interview with Apple by Rich DeMuro. All of the iPhones lower then this have 4G or 3G. Another thing 5G will help with is higher quality video streaming.

Hey gamers! 5G may just be for you because using this new iPhone it can increase the quality of online games. Because of 5G, you will be able to use your phone to do many more things then before.

Do you use Facetime? If so, get ready because with the newest updates to this device, you will be able to have a FaceTime call in HD! You may be asking well how does that make a difference?  With the new FaceTime HD, videos will be more clear and you will get much more detail in your calls.

Don’t worry photographers there is plenty for you too! This new phone has an ultra wide camera and it also has a wide camera with an f 1.6 aperture. (So yes, this iPhone has 2 cameras) “We have developed our first 7 element lens.” Says a video by Apple. This new camera will help you get the perfect picture in any situation. Lastly, Apple has come up with a new feature called night mode. This allows the faster aperture to catch more light so now your pictures look better in the dark then they did before. This feature can be used not only on the back camera but the front camera also!