Top 3 Most Awaited Games


Top 3 Most Awaited Games  

The Top 3 list of the Most Awaited Games coming soon ranging from November-March, 2020-2021 


Made by Brett Bartlett 


Disclaimer: This is the most awaited game list, playing these games are NOT suggested because of the game rating and range. Most people who play these games are 15-30 years old. Just by coincidence, lower the number, the more kid friendly. Some games release little to a lot of information before they release. This article is Spoiler Free. 


Number 1.  

Halo Infinite 


Halo Infinite is a game that is FPS but also switches to cinematic view and 3rd person for vehicles making a great multiplayer experience which will be free for all people to play. Halo infinite has been delayed to November-December; nobody knows for sure. The game has a deep storyline, you fight aliens to a parasite. The player is a super soldier who suffers from amnesia, and who rarely talks. Halo has been known to be the best game series ever on Xbox. The game even features working weather, rain, and Wildlife that all has its own AI and physics which is unheard of for video games.  



Rating: Mild blood spray and horror aspects, multiplayer is uncensored voice chat. The game is part of a book, movie, comic, game, and live-action series. The music ranges from calm, rock, horror, and heavy vocals. 



Number 2.  

Cyber-Punk 2077 


Cyber-Punk 2077 takes place in a city (Mega-City, high crime), the year 2077. The game is highly futuristic, and you play as a hitman (unconfirmed and unsure). The game features Keanu Reeves as a person who saves the player, John Flanagan. Coincidentally, Halo Infinites main character is named John. The game is 3rd/1st person shooter and RPG. Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed and releasing somewhere in the middle of November. Cyber-Punk 2077 is not part of a series so far, the developers are planning to continue it depending on the success of the game. The music is Techno/Dubstep and varies depending on your scenario. The game was delayed to fix bugs and physics issues.  

Rating: Heavy blood spray, strong language, and strong topics. There is no outside media yet, that means there is not a much to make a truthful rating. 



Number 2.  

Doom Eternal 


Doom Eternal takes place as a space marine in power armor killing demons. The games function is a throwback to the 90’s style of doom games, the game is very fast paced with heavy weaponry. The game is intense with dubstep, heavy metal, and techno music. You slay demons ranging from easy to very terrifying and hard to defeat. Keep in mind that parts of the game have already came out, but major functions and parts are not released. Doom is a continuing series to defeat aliens and demons, Doom Eternal has major connections to the original Doom 2016. Doom Eternal is also a remaster of many other Doom games, better graphics, functions, and new updates. It’s like the Master Chief Collection for the Halo series which remasters many games in one folder to play at any time. 



Rating: Heavy blood, strong language. The outside media such as books, comics, and other types is more intense than the main game. Not much information to make a real rating