Coronavirus Conditions with Restaurants



Tampa, FL

Coronavirus has impacted many restaurants, and even worse, shut them down. But what are the conditions of covid-19 and how does this impact the re-opening of restaurants and how they can effectively run?

Coronavirus has influenced many restaurants. The article,  “3 Charts That Show the U.S. Industry’s Coronavirus Recovery” suggests, “The NPD Group, which tracks transactions for 70 quick-service, fast-casual and full-service restaurant chains, found that transactions declined just 18% during the week ended May 24.” This shows how Coronavirus has dramatically impacted restaurant profits and have caused budget cuts in dine-in places.

Many restaurants have restrictions. For instance, the McDonald’s in Tampa, Florida only serves take-out and serves food from the drive-thru. This can impact restaurants because they are having less customers due to a global pandemic. Having less customers equals less profit, which in some cases, can hurt businesses and potentially cause them to go under.

In addition to that, not only has Covid-19 impacted profits in restaurants, it has also impacted how restaurants can effectively function. For instance, because of coronavirus restaurants have had to alter how to run their businesses. This means these dine-in places may have had to serve food once at a time, seat people differently as they were seated before (for example, restaurants may move tables 6 feet away from each other), and make food carefully without touching it to prevent the spread of germs.