Free May Not Always Be Good


image by Nintendo and Rocket League


by Jackson Cioffero

“Dude! I lost my rank because of you! You’re trash!” This is what I think lots of people are going to say when new players join Rocket League. On September 27, the very popular video game Rocket League went free to play worldwide due to it being bought by the company Epic Games who also owns the viral game Fortnite. This means anyone who owns a gaming console or P.C. can download this game on the epic games store or the console store for free. Although this may seem like a great way to get more people to play it, older players who bought the game before it was free to play, may get mad or annoyed at the newer players for being bad because they have never played before.

“Sometimes I feel that these kids have no idea what they’re doing,” said Ryan O’Sullivan, a hardcore Rocket League fan. This is the case for many people, as they have experienced the same thing. “It’s come to the point I can’t play because they just join games without knowing what to do. People really need to go into practice mode before going into random matches.” If people keep feeling like this, they wont want to play the game anymore and Rocket League will lose popularity. Rocket League is really fun if you play with people your same skill level, but when someone doesn’t know what they’re doing, its hard for the more experienced player to win the game. Many players are also getting banned for days because they get mad at their teammates because they’re new and don’t know how to play. This will cause players to not play the game if they keep getting banned.

The game just went free to play around 3 months ago so it will be a while before the game starts to lose popularity, and even before it was free, it was still a popular game. Making Rocket League free to play was a great idea to get more people interested, but it might hurt Epic Games in the long run if these people that are new to the game don’t practice before playing.