IPhone 12: What’s the Deal?



October 13th 2020: Apple broadcasts the press release of their IPhone 12 (Pro).

At first all the media is raging on what new advancementments this work of technology will have. More cameras? 5G wireless? over 1 terabyte of storage?

But other people are wondering what they won’t have.

Apple over time has removed features (for the better or the worse) from their iPhones for ‘progression’ in their technology. There are many examples of this starting from the 8. But the iPhone 12 doesn’t just not have a headphone jack…

It doesn’t have a charger.

The Charger

Apple has reasoned with the media saying that the removal of different necessities, such as the charger, from the phone and packaging is for ” …plans to have net zero climate impact across the entire business…”

On Apple’s online store they have chargers marked for $30. For an iPhone that is near $800 you would hope that the charger is included.

The iPhone 12 Overall

But away from the negatives, the iPhone 12 offers some amazing brand-new features. Such as Verizon’s new 5G wireless internet. All according to Apple’s website, the iPhone 12 will come in two forms, the regular and then the mini.

It will also come with a new processing unit that Apple has said has ” …console quality gaming experience.” Could this possibly beat out next gen consoles? But this also comes with better photography and overall better phone experiences. This mixed with 5G will make browsing and streaming a lot faster.

On the outside the new phone’s display offers amazing visuals by using XDR displays, and with it being one of the thinnest IPhones yet. But they have to protect this with their new ceramic shield screen covering. Apart from just the screen the whole phone is waterproof for about 30 minutes and down to 6 meters (A record in smartphones!).  The phone also has a sleek finish so it looks stylish in your hands. The cameras also come with HDR-quality recording

We can see this year’s iPhone will have people blown away by the capabilities and all it has to offer.


Well how do you get this next-gen technology? Easy, you can find both versions of the iPhone 12 either at an in person Apple store (Not the safest way) or you can just look up Apple.com to find their online store.

The actual iPhone 12 comes in around $800 or the mini version comes in about 100 dollars cheaper. But there is an iPhone 12 Pro version that costs around $1000 and then that has a max version which is 100 dollars more expensive.

Now you can also get accessories for the 4 versions of the iPhone 12. These include the AirPods and AirPods Pro starting at $150. Or the Apple Pencil for $130, which is a stylus that offers more creativity.