Women Empowerment–It’s Time for the Girls




WESTCHASE — If you look at our economic leaders in America, you see mostly men. This may not bother you at all, since it’s just so normal. Well that is wrong. It shouldn’t be normal to see a man lead, but it just is and that is a simple fact in our world. You might be thinking that there are a lot of women that are famous, and have respect, But is it enough? I admit there are many women in our history and our present that have made big changes around the globe, but why do women have to be someone well-known to get respect? Why do you have to prove yourself for just a small amount of a natural right?

Tell me this, have you ever seen a Women President? Kamala Harris, you might say is the first Female Vice President. But think about it, it’s a little sad isn’t it, after about 230+ years of our government 2020 is the first to have a female vice president? I congratulate this step, but I would like to see when women get the full authority and power they deserve. And even though women have made a difference, they are still subject to discriminations, unfair treatment, and even harassment. We have every right to choose the way we want to live as men do. And not get attacked by unbelievers who set false expectations for us expecting us to follow. And if we don’t, we are considered “improper” or “obnoxious” and get disregarded in society.

I repeat: women have every right to live as they choose without having to face injustice–as “improper” and “obnoxious” that may be. While we are slowly but surely moving forward, we need that push, the one that will finally change people’s mindsets. Because no matter what we do, it is the changing of these mindsets that will finally make people view women as equals, for real and not just for show.

Women are standing up for themselves.               Many girls have faced discriminations, and I interviewed a few (at random), to get their thoughts on this matter:

Have you faced any discriminations because of gender, and how would you fix it to make sure that other people don’t have to go through the same thing?

 SYDNEY : “I have faced many discriminations because of my gender. I would fix it by addressing to the person why it is morally wrong and showing them ways and chances they get to fix it.”

If applicable, how has this incident shaped your life and affected your self-esteem?

SYDNEY: “This incident has shaped my life because it shows me that some people don’t view men and  women as the same. It didn’t really effect my self esteem because I learned that if some people think men are better than women in every light, then they’re completely uneducated on the topic at hand 

Sydney didn’t let the discriminations get to her, instead she kept going, but that’s not always the case. These discriminations can really hurt someone’s self-esteem, causing (that person) to degrade themselves. Now, in some rare cases, girls don’t face discriminations, at least not at a young age. Like in my friend, Divya’s case. When she was asked the question, she merely replied: “No I never faced that.” Unfortunately, this good news isn’t everyone’s to share. We need something to help young women get through hard times, and help them move into power– that final push.

That’s where women empowerment comes in. Women Empowerment is the act of putting women in power. It is the action of raising girls’ status throughout society through education, literacy, raising awareness, and training. It also teaches self-defense. It gives hope to girls that have been push down because of their gender. But women Empowerment doesn’t just close gender gaps, it is actually GOOD for our economy and it would help many, many issues. The same two girls were asked two more questions:

Why do you think it is important to promote women in our economy? How do you think it will help?

SYDNEY: ” I think it’s important to promote women in our economy because, it closes gender gaps. Not to mention it’ll help boost self esteem that women can do everything that men can. And future generations of girls should have a boost in economic growth!”

DIVYA: “Yes because I think women have good coordination and well organized. So they will do the things they need to do quickly and in a team .”

So, not only does women empowerment help all women, but it also actually will help us in advancements, as we need a change in minds to grow. Women have a different mindset than men and can really make sure that all people are tr

I am a woman on a mission to....

eated fairly and everyone can live a comfortable life. As many women have faced discriminations, they have a little better insight on things. Women Empowerment is slowly helping our economy as well as the lives of or future.  As more and more people join the cause, as it slowly expands, it will make big changes to our future.

Women Empowerment helps girls take control of their own life and push forward. Before, female authors used to abbreviate their names so that people wouldn’t disregard their books just because a woman wrote it. J.K. Rowling did this as well, and it shows how much more our world needs to change. Even now, when we actually think about things (such as pieces of art, or writings) “he” slips out whether we know if the creator was a boy or not. It is just natural, it has happened to me too. It’s just that we are so used the boys doing all the great work. And that is farther away from the truth than anything. Girls need to stand up for themselves but it can get hard with everyone pushing you down repeatedly. Women Empowerment gives me hope, as it definitely gives others hope. I am waiting on the day when “she ” slips out naturally instead of “he”. We will get there, for now, we must keep fighting and keep living the way we need.

Special thanks to my interviewees for sharing their thoughts! Also thanks to Wikipedia since I did do a bit of research before this.. 🙂