COVID-19’s Effects on School Funding & its Consequences


Money being paid.


By Ignacio L.

Due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, schools have given kids in Florida the option to do homeschool or online schooling. This potentially has caused millions of dollars to be lost for the education system.

One reason school have lost money is due to something called FTE dollars which basically is money given by the state of Florida to schools to be able to pay their teachers and expenses. In an interview with Jordan Hopkins a teacher at Farnell Middle he gives this example “Let’s say one year we have 10,000 kids from Hillsborough county who enroll in schools, and for each student the school receives $7,000 for FTE money. What happened this year is because of COVID-19 the state is less inclined to give schools money, losing the schools money that they need.” This is because the pandemic has affected our local enrollment numbers.

Another cause for this may be online schooling options like FLVS. To explain, if kids enroll in an option like FLVS, then their in-person school does not get paid FTE dollars because the money travels with that student to FLVS, which is not part of Hillsborough County Public Schools. This means our local schools lose out on thousands of FTE dollars for each student who chooses a different option. To add on, due to the recent pandemic this option is much more common than ever before.

Another cause may be more kids enrolling in schools not directly funded by the state government. In the article “ Budget Cuts Ahead For Hillsborough County Schools” it states “Superintendent Addison Davis said the school district is seeing its enrollment numbers decline as families opt for charter schools, private schools and home schooling in the midst of the pandemic​. He said the district has about 14,000 fewer students than it expected and that could mean millions of dollars in lost revenue.”

The recent events have also led to multiple negative effects for teachers. In the article “Hillsborough superintendent offers details on job cuts in the schools” it states “Another 333 positions that are filled are being eliminated. “While teachers hired prior to Aug. 14, 2020 will not lose their employment, they may be reassigned to open positions at other schools or assigned a different role at their current site,” Davis wrote. “It is anticipated that some of the teachers hired under temporary contracts after Aug. 14 will not return.” This means that many new teachers’ jobs are being dropped. This is especially troubling when you consider that most new teachers just got out of college or getting an education in teaching, meaning they have massive sums of money to pay off.

The recent Coronavirus outbreak has had many negative affects on teachers and schools.

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