Ending the War on Nature; Go Carbon-Free!



By Van A. Smith

The problem of climate change has pre-existed on our planet for generations with no stop of changing. Because of this, our society has been at a state of “war” with climate change. Is it time to finally give up the war in the coming year? Or, is there an answer?

Climate change isn’t any friend when it comes to nature because it is the cause for several natural disasters including hurricanes, typhoons, wildfires, and lots of more to name. This catastrophe has caused many problems in our ecosystem & the environment, and is projected by many natural scientists to urge worse. The matter at hand has gotten so worse that studies say that 48,858 wildfires occurred during 2020. Due to this, humanity is at a, “state of war,”, with global climate change currently. “The state of the world is broken,” Antonio Guterres said during a speech at Columbia University. “Humanity is waging war on nature. This is suicidal.”

Guterres works as a U.N. Secretary-General and has been since challenging world leaders to form 2021 the year that humanity ends its “war on nature” and commits to a future freed from planet-warming carbon pollution. The message being sent out has lead many individuals to promoting and pledging net zero carbon emissions to assist & save the environment, including the national leader & president-elect for the U.S, Joe Biden. “I firmly believe that 2021 will be a brand new quite intercalary year — the year of a jump towards carbon neutrality,” Guterres says. One of the new reports found countries would want to chop production of oil, coal and fossil fuel by 6% annually by 2030 to stop global temperatures from rising. Guterres also says that nations should stop funding and subsidizing fossil fuels. He also says that countries have to fulfill their Paris promise to spend $100 billion annually to assist poorer countries develop cleaner energy.

Unfortunately however, climate change may not be able to stop and like he said the two U.N. reports Wednesday “spell out how close we are to climate catastrophe.”. Wildfires in California and Colorado have reached a new high during 2020, Death Valley has been reaching temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and a record in the Atlantic of 30 named tropical storms & hurricanes. While these events can’t solely be blamed on climate change, ‘these are the types of events scientists fear will increase due to climate change.’. Some speculate though, that our society is responsible for our descent… “Human activities are at the root of our descent towards chaos,” Guterres said. “But that means human action can solve it.”