Mars, The Next World of Opportunity


How Far Are Humans From Setting Foot On Mars?

Nasa Is An Estimated 15 Years From Landing Humans on Mars

          Astronauts will be traveling to the planet Mars in an estimated 10 years to colonise the distant planet with dome like structures.Mars is a rich destination for scientific discovery and robotic and human exploration that will  expand our presence into the solar system. Its formation and evolution are comparable to Earth.  Mars had conditions suitable for life in its past. Future exploration could uncover evidence of life on mars.          A fleet of robotic spacecraft and rovers already are on and around Mars, increasing our knowledge of the planet and helping us get better ideas of how to life there. “The Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover” measured radiation on the way to Mars and is sending back radiation data from the surface. This data will help with making a plan for astronauts getting to Mars, this will make it easier to get there. Without these advanced rovers the world may not even know of Mars’s potential.

NASA’s next step is deep space, where they  will send a robotic mission to capture and redirect an asteroid to orbit the moon. according to NASA.  “Astronauts that board the Orion spacecraft will explore the asteroid in the 2020s, returning to Earth with samples. This experience in human spaceflight beyond low-Earth orbit will help NASA test new systems and capabilities, such as Solar Electric Propulsion, which we’ll need to send cargo as part of human missions to Mars.” Also in the beginning of 2018, NASA’s powerful Space Launch System rocket will enable these “proving ground” missions to test new capabilities. Human missions to Mars will rely on Orion and another rocket/rover that will be the most powerful launch vehicle ever flown. Mars has many opportunities for mankind, they are soon to be discovered and utilized.

There has been many debates over the time period of NASA sending humans to Mars; however the risk is worth it. Mars withholds endless opportunities such as a clean slate or another chance for humans. NASA will have to be careful in these upcoming times contrary to the pandemic but hopefully this strong company will make good progress.