On the Brighter Side: Finding the Good in 2020!



By: Sophie Farnan

To many, 2020 was a whirlwind of chaos. Despite the hardships we’ve experienced through COVID-19, going back and forth from online school to brick and mortar, and more, this year had positive influences on all of us! Students at Farnell Middle (and others around the globe) agree as well… “I have seen positive effects in my life [such as] getting closer to family and most importantly being thankful that I am safe!” stated 7th grader, Evyn Rae Mitchell. As 2020 comes to an end, let’s notice how it didn’t only consist of bad news.   

While 2020 certainly had its bad days, numerous positive things have occurred over the year! Farnell students admitted to how this year has changed them for the better… “More people are thankful for the things we have because of all the [mayhem],” Julia Zanolin (7th grader) mentioned. Another student, Frankie Older, commented, “This year was a little crazy, but good things come out of everything. I found out who stuck by me, who my real friends are, and I got to know my family better!” Clearly, people can see through the commotion of 2020 and find something positive to focus on.  

Equally, there are many other things to appreciate from this year besides how it’s changed us for the better…for example, wearing sweatpants and t-shirts became an acceptable every-day fashion choice! On a more serious note, larger amounts of people became aware of climate change and are working towards stopping it. As worldwildlife.org mentioned, “Every day we see more individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments responding to the crisis. People are coming together to take concrete steps to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change.” Another important aspect to this year is how people gave the much-needed acknowledgment to African Americans and other ethnicities during the Black Lives Matter movement, (although there is still improvement to be made in achieving their justice). As you can see, this year is making history for the better. 

2020 influenced the lives of people around the world. Earlier in the year, everyone had to quarantine for a long time… this led to re-discovering old hobbies and brainstorming new ways to pass the time! Drive-in movies had a major comeback as well as old-fashioned board games and puzzles, and people were taking a much-needed break from electronics. Personally, I found quarantine to be a time of self-discovery. I went outside very often, and even found fun ways to occupy myself by painting! Coronavirus has been harmful, but it has brought people together by having something to share in common…experiencing a pandemic!  



(Featured image by Pavel Anoshin on Unsplash)