The Global PS5 Shortage

The Global PS5 Shortage

Hannah Frankenberry

By, Hannah Frankenberry

Sony made eleven million PlayStation 5’s, and in just under a minute every single version was completely sold out and not just through Amazon. PS5’s were wiped from every single store, including Target,BestBuy,Walmart,online shopping, GameStop, and Sony. By Sony misjudging how many PS5’s they should make, and people being greedy, PS5’s were officially depleted and just to think this was way before Black Friday and Cyber Monday ever occurred.

All over the globe, since the second the PS4 came out these gamers are looking forward to playing the newest PlayStation, and most of all, they are looking forward to having fun. They want to own the PS5 so that they can experience all the new games, all of the updated graphics, and take in the outside of the console, as well as the inside. Unfortunately, the only way for them to experience this now is to live through people on YouTube so they can show you how amazing the PS5 is and make you thirst for it more, or since they’re very rare to buy, bid on it. I assure you this solution of bidding on the Ps5 will only give you a run for your money.

To start off, the main reason for the shortage of the famous PlayStation 5 is the amount of PS5’s that were available in the first place, and lastly the amount of Ps5’s that were bought per household or for that matter per person.

“Availability. I’ve been looking for the PS5 since before Thanksgiving, it was announced on November 11th-November 12th and you can’t get them anywhere. These people that are able to get 20-30 of them and sell them on eBay have some special way that they are able to get in and buy these units. It’s unfair, I’ve checked every store and news update, but the only way you can get them is through eBay. Except the units that force you to have to do it in a certain amount of time, is completely unreasonable, by the time that you win the highest bid you would have paid almost 1500$ for a console that should be 500$ originally, “said Todd Frankenberry,( PS5 Seeker).

These people are being resourceful with all the wrong reasons in mind, they are buying excessive amounts of PS5’s because they knew that they would sell out quickly and they can make profit off of it by selling them off, and that people will go to sites like eBay as their last resort.

To continue on, there are many reasons why the Ps5 sold out instantanuously,but why it became so popular in the first place is a mystery only a true gamer can solve. “Oh, you know, better features, better graphics. Feels cool to know you have the best version. Games being remastered to have better quality. Loading time is faster. Less glitchy. Less time to install,” mentioned Noah Frankenberry(Full-time Gamer).

I happen to be a Gamer as well and every time a new console is made, I have to discard all of my progress that was saved in my old console and get all new games, which costs more money. Except the PS5 is the exact opposite of that.

“It’s been 7 or 8 years since Sony finally came out with a new version. Sony finally made a PlayStation that was backwards compatible, so all these people that invested so much money on PS4 games can play them all on the PS5″…”With the Ps5 you’ve got two, choices people that want a CD-ROM Drive can buy the more expensive version.  However, with the non-digital version of a PS5, you can download games and movies,”mentioned Todd Frankenberry,(PS5 Seeker).

You can watch movies, play the Ps5, and play PS4 games on the PS5, sounds like everything a kid could dream of and more.

Furthermore, this console will be the foundation of the PlayStation in the future, it has superior features on the outside as well as the inside, it works with games from the PS4,and it is the #1 thing that people all over the world want for Christmas in the year 2020. All those kids around the world would have this wish come true if it weren’t for the lack of availability and the depletion of PS5’s in the North Pole.Even though it is the main thing that everyone wants for Chistmas,there will be many more opportunities to own this console and grasp the astonishing features of it. In the year 2020 we need this Christmas more than ever so make the best of it, even if the present sitting under the tree isn’t your #1 item on your Christmas list this year.