Trailer Debuts for Taylor Swift’s New Netflix Documentary, Miss Americana


Taylor Swift in Miss Americana 


By Brianna L.

Taylor Swift finally broke her silence in January with a new documentary covering controversial topics including her struggles with mental health as well as those in the music industry.  

The documentary trailer came out on January 22nd and it is set to release on Netflix on the 31st The documentary is like Demi Lovato’s Simply Complicated, where it shows footage of her recording an album while also discussing several personal details of Taylor’s life. She wanted to stop hiding her insecurities and talk about them with her audience. She talks about things like the pressure she feels to be well liked and her public feud with Kanye West. 

I think this documentary can start lots of conversations about the problems in Hollywood. It could also start political conversations. It clearly shows her struggles with herself over the years and I think that is an extremely important thing for her to talk candidly about. 

Lexi, a 7th grader at Farnell, said, “I think she’s really awesome! She’s very inspiring because even though she’s had all kinds of pressure put on her, she still breaks through it.” I had Lexi watch the trailer and then give her opinion. She seemed very interested in the trailer as well as the documentary.  

In the New York Times article about Miss Americana it says, “She admits that constant paparazzi attention and pictorial scrutiny have contributed to an eating disorder she still tries to keep at bay…” The article talks about her “eager-to-please personality” and that it is probably one of the many reasons she held back on talking about it until now. Taylor spent her career trying to act the way others want and this documentary is her saying that she is her own person now and she is going to be 100% authentic. 

The most important thing that this documentary promotes is conversation. Whether it is about sexism in the music industry, the amount of pressure put on public figures, or any other controversial topic brought up in Miss Americana, the goal is that all of them will be meaningful and maybe even spark positive change.