African Dwarf Frogs: Cute Additions to Your Aquarium


By Jack D

Do you have a fish tank? Do you want one? Well, no matter what your situation is, you should get some African Dwarf Frogs. They are completely aquatic frogs that are very low maintenance, but very adorable. They should be kept in groups of two or more, as they do not do well alone. I currently have 2, and my first one didn’t eat and barely moved until I got him a friend. You should keep about 1 frog per gallon, but don’t fill your tank to the maximum as it can cause problems. Aside from tank setup, the frogs only cost 3-4 dollars and their food costs $2.79 at Petco and PetSmart. They are the cutest things ever, but be careful. If you get a male and female they can mate… and they lay 500 to 2,000 eggs. Males reach sexual maturity at 6 months old, and females at 9, so you’ll be good for a while. They are native to central Africa and reside in shallow rivers and lakes. Some good tank mates for them are:

  • Black skirt, White skirt, and any other Tetras (which I have in my tank with my frogs)
  • Otos (I HAD one, but it sadly died RIP Jupiter 2020-2020)
  • Betta fish (I know, pretty surprising. As long as they have enough room, they coexist pretty well)
  • Guppies (I really want one, but I have to wait for a bigger tank)
  • Corydoras (aka Cories)

And lots more! I hope you enjoyed this article and consider adding these wonderful creatures to your tank. Have a nice day!

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