Tampa Gym offers Sports Fitness Program

Tampa Gym offers Sports Fitness Program

ryan stern

Every student athlete dreams of going to the big leagues, but not everyone knows how.  Trench Academy is trying to change that by offering programs for all ages and abilities that help build strength, power & speed while also working on stability and mobility.  This program will work one on one making athletes stronger and faster in their sport giving athletes the opportunity to train at the pro level.  

Located off of Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa, FL, Trench has many programs focusing on safety and proper form and requires that you work 1:1 with a personal trainer before beginning any of their elite programs.  The goal is for the athlete to learn the right form, technique and mindset to keep them safe and focused on, and off, the field.  One of the programs that is offered is their nutrition program which is pushing the athlete to be healthier outside of training and eat to fuel their bodies. They even offer a Smoothie Bar in their gym!  Another program focuses on recovery, Trench Academy offers personalized rehabilitation plans for athletes who might be injured; getting them back on the field safely. With these programs it is very obvious why 38% of people who train there get offers from colleges around the country. 

In the gym the coaches there are very friendly and will push you to your limit, an anonymous source said that,” when I first went to 1:1 training I could barely do 15 squats now they have me doing 20 pound weights”. Not only is this person in the training program but is also a football player for the TBYFL. After some time I was able to get an interview with one of the coaches named coach stone that does the one on one training:

Me: Thank you for talking with me today. What do you like the most about working with these young athletes?

Coach: No problem. I like how I am able to develop young athletes. Comparing them from the first day they come to see me, to years later, when I see them in the gym working out by themselves, that’s how I know I’ve done my job.

Me: What part of The Trench Academy do you enjoy the most?

Coach: I really enjoy the entire sports program here at Trench. When I was younger, I was not afforded these programs, so being able to come here each day and help young athletes reach their potential is the most rewarding aspect for me.

Me: Thank you again for your time today.

These programs are bound to turn anyone from a normal student athlete into a superstar athlete with the help of the coaches like Coach Stone. For those who have the determination and the drive to  work hard as a young athlete I totally recommend The Trench Academy.