Australia’s Fiery Season


Image by Arthur V. on Unsplash


By: Achin G. Atharv B.                 

Australia was in its bush fire season in this early 2020, in the dawn of the 20th of December, a fire rose into the North East part of Australia was the  biggest fire Australia has seen, killing 25 people. Australia is infamous for its fires as it already has seen the famous Black Friday Fire which resulted in 71 fatalities. As 2020 began it has already started with a series of environmental and political debates featuring the Australia bush fire. This  conflagration became the new historic fire in Australia’s history.  

Australia’s new fire  forced many people to flee from their homes and according to an article from The Insider “Over 47% of Australia’s land has been burnt leading to almost half of the population temporarily moving from their homes.” This impacted their people in various ways. Firefighters battled against the fires while trying to fight for their homes.  The fires burned about 12.35 million acres of land across Australia. Due to these fires approximately 30,000 people were suggested to move from their homes to someplace safe away from the fires. 

 Families were worried about the effects of the fire as said by a citizen of Sydney in Australia “Well, the fire is really Taking over our country, just about 2 days ago it was really hard for me to breath and I worry a lot about my future because there is really nothing that i can do about it except hope everything gets better.” Families and people around Australia feared their future.  

Not only did this affected the people, animals were suffering by the effects of this bush fire as said by another resident in Sydney. “It’s pretty sad that more than 470 million animals are dead, and 20,000 koalas are dead too I hope there is more I can do about it it’s all in the hands of god.” Animals and people were suffering leaving a trail of dead bodies in Australia. 

Thankfully weather in Australia has been in favor of  the people, as rain has extinguished most of the fires. Families were allowed to return back to their homes and were in immense happiness that most of the fires were gone. As said by a parent in Australia, “It is a big relief that my family is able to return back to our homes safe from fires.”

The condition of Australia was growing worse killing homes and sadly many Koalas, but rain has been in the favor of the people and animals. The bush fire for Australia is a rocky beginning for 2020 and is very devastating for the residents of Australia. Australians were struggle for their lives and lost possessions that the fire has destroyed. The country went under a series of events as the fire was like a domino effect destroying anything in its path. Firefighters fought for their country and try to slow and stop the fire in its path as it has already caused destruction in the Country of Australia. Australia has been in great relief due the severe rain demolishing the fire.