By: Tristan Woodroof and Ryan Keenan

Aliens? Is that a 
possibility? Are Aliens really in outer space? According to, “A large team of space scientists working in Canada has found evidence of a fast radio burst with a steady 16-day cycle.”  In simpler terms, there is an unidentified signal from space.

The scientists also found that the location that the bursts come from is a spiral galaxy, that is very distant away in space. The distance has been an estimable 500 million light years away. This is key because we could discover another galaxy near the Milky Way, (our galaxy, that we live in). Also, by trying to discover were this ”16-day cycle” comes from, there is a possibility that we could discover other areas, with aliens.

Some scientists and people say and believe that this signal could not be aliens and just be something ‘right under our nose.’ But, the article states that “…some suggest that they might be nothing more than the noise created when two stars collide.” On the other hand, studies have shown that this repeats for some sort of reason. Another suggestion is the signal is a distress signal from deep space. Some people have also added that E.T. (or extra-terrestrials) could be an explanation. A student at Farnell Middle, Eli Berg states that “There is no possibility of aliens, we would have know about it already.”

Additionally, stated in a Fox News article, “a mechanism for periodic modulation either of the burst emission itself, or through external amplification or absorption, and disfavor models invoking purely sporadic processes.” In other words, this could be something that happens regularly. Furthermore, scientists could have just started noticing this more and more and had not said anything prior to this.

Scientists have been discovering more and more about this radio burst. It has been discovered that only planets can give off that much energy of a single burst.

Whatever the case may be, this is considered a mystery because there is not physical evidence that this is aliens or just something that is a natural occurrence. Some people have strong opinions about one side or another, but there is no wrong opinion. Until scientists discover what the outcome is, people will continue to debate what is going on. Others may be scared because of the possibility of aliens in outer space.