Farnell Girls Soccer Team



By:  Sage G. and Mya W.

TAMPA-The  girls Farnell soccer team is confident that they are going to be undefeated this year by beating their rival, Walker.

Already winning their first game Monday night against Davidson, 5-0, they are confident that their 2020 soccer season will be victorious. Five games and possibly three more to go, they will put in as much time and effort to gain the championship title this season.

The new sixth graders are excited and pumped for their first year on the Farnell soccer team. We asked some of the sixth graders how confident they felt about going undefeated. Sage Gilbert commented, “Honestly, from the first game we played on Monday, I feel pretty confident that our team has an increasingly good chance of being undefeated and beating Walker.”

Soon after talking with Sage, we talked to another sixth grade player, Mya  Ward: “Even though half of the team are sixth graders, our chances are pretty good of going undefeated because we have the eighth graders to help guide us as our ‘big sisters’.”

A week later on Thursday night the girls went against Smith and won 8-0, they ended the game 10 minutes early due to the mercy rule. (This rule allows the game to end earlier due to scoring a total amount of eight goals with no goals scored against the winning team.)

The next game they will be playing is on Tuesday, February 25, against Walker. The girls are pumped and ready to win against their rival.

To support the team, come to the game this Tuesday and cheer your Farnell Girls Soccer team on!

With the girls winning every game that they have played so far, do you think that they have a chance of beating Walker?