Bicycle Safety and Why we Need to Take Precautions


Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash


By: Lindsay Baracz 🚲

Tampa- Bicyclists are in danger due to un-aware drivers all over the world. Exactly 27 cyclists have died in 2019 due to accidents with drivers.

According to Deputy Turner, “Well, in order for cyclists to be safe, they need to follow the laws and rules.”

Photo by Bogdan Dada on Unsplash

Well some recent studies show that if you’re younger than 16, the law says you must wear a helmet. Sometimes kids don’t  war helmets because they believe that they do nothing because “nothing ever happens” in reality, they could change your life or even save it. Another danger is when people ride bikes without shoes or with their shoes untied. Kids could get hurt by their shoes being untied and the laces stuck in the spokes.

What are some ways that we could prevent injuries? “Well if you follow the laws and wear helmets you will be %100 safer while biking. Also follow and wait your turn on crosswalks. Make sure you make eye contact with drivers so they know your there,” claimed Deputy Turner.

What are some precautions we should take to protect cyclists?

Deputy Turner weighed in: “Rules are there to keep people safe and when people don’t follow simple rules, bad things happen. And for example if you lose balance and fall you should only have minor injuries if you have a helmet on.”