Chipotle and Child Labor: More Behind the Burrito than we Think


Photo by Kashish Lamba on Unsplash


Chipotle was charged with 1.4 million dollars after child labor lawsuit 

By Vincent and Zachary 

A Chipotle Grill location Photo by Steve Dykes

BOSTON–Between 2015 and 2019, Chipotle had around 13,200 violations for Child labor. Said by the New York Times. Teens worked over an illegal number of hours totaling to about 48 hours a week. More than 50 locations have been charged,” according to the Times article. This lawsuit will be the  biggest child labor case ever.


The organization, CNN has reported that even though teens are working insane hours, their pay does not make up for it. These teens have a lower pay compared to other workers. this is affecting teen’s academics. The website Complex has interviewed workers of these Massachusetts Chipotles, “Their hours of work kept them from doing their schoolwork.”

Photos by Payton Brooks Chipotle Serving Counter

These Chipotles are struggling to find cheap Employees, the right way. The Chicago Tribune has reported that  unemployment is, putting pressure on restaurant operators to break the rules.” NBC has said that Chipotle is hiring minors without permits

Apart from Massachusetts, Chipotles all over the USA have been affected by this. These locations include, California, the New England area, Ohio, Wisconsin, and parts of Florida. During the time of the case, Chipotle’s stock went down about 20% according to Stock Watch. 

Separate from the 1.4 million dollars, as the New York Times said, Chipotle will pay $500,000 to train young workers and fund education.”  Across the 52 various locations, some of which are in south Florida, and 4 states this case has heavily affected many teens.