7th Graders Experience the Magic of Epcot



By Lexi S. and Adriana A.

WESTCHASE – Lights. Disney. Fantasy. Magic. Back in January, there was a field trip for the 7th grade. This field trip was to Disney’s Epcot. We interviewed multiple students about their experience at Disney’s Epcot.

“[The] best part was hanging out with friends the whole time,” said Rachel P. During Epcot, we had the opportunity to walk around the park with our friends for the whole day, which was a nice break from the limits of talking during school.  

Another student, Landon R. told us, “The best part was probably seeing all the towns that they made and all the food that they [served].” World Showcase is one of the most anticipated places in Epcot. Many go there to experience the cultures, but lots also go for the food! 

One very popular attraction was Test Track. Test Track is Disney World’s fastest ride, where it takes the riders on a unique experience to be simulating a race car as it goes through a test course. Many students we interviewed told us they really enjoyed Test Track, and some even went on multiple times! Thomas S. said, “The best part was Test Track…” and many other students agreed.         

The Land and the Seas are two attractions at Epcot that are very popular. The Land takes tourists through a journey of the more geographical parts of Disney, while the Seas shows tourists the oceanic parts of Disney. The Seas has a ride that is hosted by Nemo and friends and takes the riders through a representation of the Finding Nemo movie. It also has an aquarium inside. The Land has two rides, Living with the Land and Soarin’, as well as some restaurants. Living with the Land explained different things about food in our world. Soarin’ took you on a scenic flight around the world. Valerie J. told us, “The best part about Epcot was that I went on Soarin’ for the first time…” 

Another popular attraction at Epcot was Spaceship Earth. Spaceship Earth takes you back in time and explains how modern technology developed from even back in the Greek and Roman times. It also explains plans for the future in technology. At the end of the ride, you take a small survey about what you would like to see in your future thanks to technology. A candid picture is displayed to show the riders within the story. The story is made up based on your ride survey.  After the ride ends, there is an exploration area. The ride is located inside the iconic Epcot Ball at the entrance of the park. Braeden R. said, “My favorite part was probably going in the Epcot Globe.”    

Many enjoyed all the exciting and adventurous parts of Epcot like rides, while others found it preferable to simply sit and enjoy the food and scenery. Numerous students talked about how joyous and fun it was. For something as simple as a school field trip, many found the experience better than they thought it would be. 

Multiple students said that they would enjoy going on the trip again. Most did not mind the early wakeup call required for this field trip, because students said that it was worth it in the end.  

Disney World brings magic to the lives of tourists who enter the parks. This field trip was an important break from reality where Farnell’s 7th graders were able to spend a special day with their friends.